2021 season

Everyone knows that farmers enjoy a moan about the weather so lets start with our bleat. As you will all be aware April nights have been continually cold and fruit crops enjoy a warm soil to stimulate both growth and fruit development. So far we are about 2 weeks behind where we would expect to be in early May.

Some warm May days and nights will help a catch up, so for now we will keep to an opening of around the 19th June., but this may change depending on the weather.

From the feedback of our customers who came last year it might again be a very busy season with record crowds. We have decided not to have a ticketing system as it allows more personal flexibility but we apologise in advance if there are some peak visitor moments.

Please keep in touch by this website or call the answer phone on 01727 831224 for opening information. You may also find us on Instagram hawkswick_lodge_farm.

Social distancing rules will remain

We look forward to welcoming both regular and new customers this summer.