Forthcoming PYO season 2018

Due to the cold and very wet and dull early spring, this season is likely to start a little later. We are hoping to open on Saturday, 23rd June.  We will keep the website and telephone answer machine updated (01727 831224).

Recent pictures of the strawberries show a fine fruit set but no lovely red berries yet, but we hope they will be really good as the long growing season should enhance the flavour.

Strawberries Forming

There has been a large investment over the winter with new raspberries (glen ample and cascade delight) which are coming on well.  Raspberries freeze extremely well, (they are best placed on trays to freeze) and defrost still holding their shape.

Raspberries Forming

Blackberries are also a large part of our harvest offering and they are nothing like those found in the hedgerows. They are large and sweet and also freeze extremely well. They are perhaps the greatest addition to the PYO experience.

We have two varieties of gooseberries – Invicta the green gooseberry which is very popular but very prickly (gloves are a good idea) and Pax the red dessert gooseberry which is slightly later but very sweet and thornless.

Prices are always competitive and we hope you will enjoy your visit to our small family farm again in 2018.

We also provide ice creams and soft drinks which are always popular.

We hope to remain open until mid to late August but this is always dependent on the availability of the fruit.

Please remember we are only a small farm and if the weekends are hot and sunny we often run out of strawberries before the end of Sunday.

As we are a food premises unfortunately we do not allow dogs (except guide dogs).